Legacy Technical Group, Inc.   



LTG, Inc. was formed in 2000 for the purpose of bringing developing technologies through rapid prototyping processes to specific clients, and markets of interest to the LTG owners.

Originally developed systems and designs were obtained by LTG as part of a corporate acquisition in 2000 from Global Integrated Technologies, Inc.. These intellectual research and development projects culminated a portfolio of technologies that were not feasible with the technology available during the 1990’s. This included Laser X targeting systems, Digisite digital targeting systems, and core research programming and equipment.

With the advent of parametric software, affordable CNC’s, and stereolithography 3D printing, the portfolio technologies are now within feasible and affordable market development. These include accessories and equipment for the Competitive Shooting Sports community.

The recent US Patent and Trademark Office granting of eiTarget allows the  Mosaic Sporting Arms division of LTG to open the doors with products for the shooting sports community.

LTG, Inc. is a Utah corporation that is woman majority owned and operated. 

Legacy Technical Group, Inc.